Adam Schjølberg

Adam SchjølbergBorn in Bodø in 1982.

Adam Schjølberg works as a professional hairstylist and stylist at Wickedhouse.

From a young age he loved to experiment with clothes and hair. Both family and friends were put to the test. At the age of 16 his dream was to become a hairstylist and hairdresser. With a particular interest for everything avant-garde and loud Adam soon became a highly visible person in the small town Sandefjord where he grew up, and accomplished Sandefjord Hairdressing School. The need for more exposure led him to the capital, Oslo, where he finished his training at “På Håret”, a chain of saloons. Here he bonded closely with Vigdis Reksten, the founder and owner of  “På Håret”, and she quickly became his mentor.

After he became a certified hairdresser he appeared on the TV as a hairdresser and hair adviser in the Norwegian version of A Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. This resulted in freelance jobs such as hair stylist for numerous artists, shows, magazines, catwalk shows, collections and also as Creative Director and Producer for shows and showings of collections.

Adam has also worked as a Private Stylist within the Norwegian business world and politics. Foremost, though, he thrives when having working in the salon being as this is where he feels at home, and also lets him follow the movements and trends on the street. From his mentor, Vigdis Reksten, he has learned that as well as being a professional, the human aspect and the drive to let all people feel beautiful, is the most important in his job. It does not matter how beautiful or cool you are on the outside if the inside can not handle it. With his sharp tongue though, nobody is safe when he suddenly appears as a Critique of the rich and famous and what they are wearing.

Adam also enjoys the spotlight and has been a part of several TV shows, stage shows (such as ADAM og TORE Show) and as a singer with two recordings and a spot three on the Norwegian hit lists.

Three days a week he works as a hairdresser and stylist at the saloon MAA Stylists on the top floor of the fashion house “Steen og Strøm” in Oslo. The saloon is owned by Marian Torsvik, one of the leading names within Norwegian hairstyling.

With 10 years experience in the hair trade Adam is a highly recommended name in several arenas and is definitely on his way to new heights.

Adam is a proud spokesperson for Wella, Illumina Color and Gillette that also sponsor him.